by Mio

I know you’re here because you’re longing
to be loved by a man as much as you love him.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You have a successful career, but no luck when it comes to your love life. 
  • You have high standards and find it difficult to find a man you’re attracted to. 
  • Men passionately pursue you in the beginning, but then lose interest quickly and pull away, leaving you behind confused and hurt. 
  • When you feel attracted to a guy, you’re obsessing over him, trying to impress him and chasing him, ending up being rejected which makes you feel out of control and doing crazy things. 

  • You’re a caring and giving person by nature, but it just never seems to be enough to keep a man. 
  • You crave that deep intimate connection with a man but at the same time you’re scared of deeply getting hurt again. 
  • You feel stuck in a viscous circle and you have no idea how to get out of it. 
  • Time flies by and as much as you want love in your life, you think to yourself that maybe the ‘relationship thing’ is not meant to be for you after all. 

How do I know this? I’ve been where you are. Which means I know exactly how to help you, so that you can have a long term loving and fulfilling relationship. 

Hi I’m Mio, dating and Mindset Coach.

With a MSc Degree in Pedagogy and a background in Psychoanalytic and Psychology I’ve helped numerous women and men to find love and to have a happy, lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Helping women to become irresistible to quality men so they can have a loving and fulfilling relationship is what I’m passionate about and what my whole life has been building up to. 

Growing up with an emotionally unavailable father who has always been a source of uncertainty has made me wary towards men. In combination with experiencing a number of dating and relationship struggles I was obsessed with finding out how men think and feel, how we’re different to them and how we function in relationships. I studied everything I could find about this topic and started to test my findings in my own relationships and also started to coach friends to help them with their relationship struggles.

I was amazed by how only small changes can improve the whole dynamic in relationships between men and women. Since my friends experienced that improvement as well they recommended me to more people. From their it was that snowball effect and that’s how my business was born. 

15 years later I’m still passionate about helping women to find love and to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. 

I’ve coached numerous women and men in the past, but have decided to focus on working with women only. Because my experience has taught me that if a woman knows how to inspire a man to become the best version of himself, he will strive to become that version.

I’m obsessed with helping amazing women just like you to find love and to have a fulfilling and loving relationship. Because honestly, I feel our world needs a little shifting in this moment in time. This world needs more happy couples and happy families with children who learn from parents treating each other with love and respect.

When you work with me I will teach you the secret to becoming irresistible to quality men. There will be no more playing games and wasting your precious time. You’ll learn how men think and feel, and you’ll be able to connect with them on a deep emotional level.

How many more relationships do you want to start only to end up in a dead end situationship?

If you’re done:

spending hours on end on dating apps with not meeting any great men

being stringed along and / or ghosted by men you weren’t even really interested in to begin with

feeling rejected and hurt, questioning whether there is something wrong with you

stressing because you want to have a family and you know that your biological clock is ticking,

it’s time to take your power back and be treated like the amazing woman that you are!

Time flies. It doesn’t wait like you do!

Don’t waste your time any longer and book yourself in for a free 30mins clarity call with me.Let me know where you’re at in your love life and find out how I can help you.

Mio 💋

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