The secret to a man’s heart isn’t what you think… 

The question is: Are you just pretty or are you attractive?

You might think it comes down to looks – because that’s what you’ve been told. But there’s a difference between being pretty and attractive. And that difference is the make or break between women who are magnetising to good men and the ones that attract men who are only interested in sex. 

Does this sound familiar? 

You spend hours on your looks only to still have no luck finding the man of your dreams You’re constantly looking at other women and wondering ‘what’s she got that I don’t have?’ 

Or, you feel like you have it all when it comes to looks, but men seem to only want one thing. 

Here’s the thing… men are actually just like you. Because they’re visual beings they’re physically attracted to your looks. But they don’t fall in love with you just because of the way you look. They crave an emotional connection just as much as you do. 

So you being attractive to men is determined by your ability to build an emotional connection with men.

While physical connection comes from your looks, attraction is about much more than just being pretty. It’s a combination of the way you look AND your personal traits like your posture, the way you talk, your listening skills, whether you’re a positive or negative person, how often you smile, how you dress… And this is the secret to a man’s heart. 

So, what does make a woman attractive to men? 

What can you do to become more attractive and have the relationship you always dreamed of? 

The good news is that you don’t have to look like a supermodel. Here are three areas you need to pay attention to: 

  • SMILE often 
  • Keep eye contact 
  • Have an open body posture 

Seriously, doing this will be a game changer for you. Try it for yourself and watch the magic happen… 

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Mio 💋

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