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Best Shoes For Petite Women

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So many shoes so many choices, but which ones are the most flattering types of shoes for petite women?

High heels are the easiest way to look taller. But high heels are not always the best choice to add a few centimeters to your appearance. Too high heels draw the attention to the shoes but not always in a good way. So do chunky shoes like heavy wedges. On top of that, let’s face it, chunky shoes are not the most flattering type of shoes. No matter how slim your legs are, those type of shoes  always look a bit clunky and even though they add a few centimetres to your height in your overall appearance they will make you look smaller and your legs thicker. The only exception is, when they are hidden  underneath flared trousers, an extra long maxi skirt or maxi dress so they are not visible.

Today I’m showing you my top tips as to which type of shoes are flattering for petite women.

When wearing high heels, make sure, they are not too high. You should still be able to walk comfortable in them (as comfortable as someone can be in high heels) and secondly when you are standing in a heeled shoe which makes your foot look like almost in line with your leg, then it usually looks everything else but sexy and draws the attention to the high heel, which looks not proportional  to your legs.

Heels with ankle straps are totally wearable by petite women as long as the strap is thin and delicate. I mostly wear them with ankle length jeans. They can also look lovely with a dress or skirt.  However, be aware that the strap (no matter how delicate) breaks the leg line and tends to make your leg look shorter than shoes with no strap e.g. classic pumps or also called court shoes.

Court shoes look great on petite women, especially if they have a pointed toe which help with the overall appearance and are flattering for your silhouette. If you ask me, women can not have enough of them. I own several pairs in all different types of colours.

Sling Back -Heels, -Flats and -Kitten Heels are a great way to add a little lift while your bare heels and add a little sexiness to your appearance.

In general, a pointed toe shoe is flattering for petite women, even if they are flat as the shape of the shoe visually ads a few centimetres.

Also flattering for petite women are peep toe shoes. This is because of the skin you are showing. The more skin the better.

It doesn’t always need to be high heels! Flat mules look flattering on petite women, even though you are actually not adding centimeters to your height. Heeled ankle boots are a great choice! They go well with skirts, especially with short skirts ending above the knee. Skinny jeans look great with them too. If you’re wearing leggings or jeans in the same colour as your boots – double bonus!

Aim for simple shoes and avoid heavy buckles which makes the shoe appear heavy and will make you look smaller. This is a general rule for any type of shoe you are going for.

Shoes that show a lot from your feet make your legs appear longer. This does not only count for heels but also for flats and includes sneakers as well. If you are going for high top sneakers, wear them with a short skirt or in a similar colour as your jeans or trousers.

However, even though you are small, you should never restrict yourself from wearing the type of shoe you love. If there is a pair of shoes you are falling for and they are not particularly flattering for petite women, so what? Get them! After all fashion is about fun and wearing what you love and feel comfortable in.

Below I’ve put together an amazing choice of shoes that are perfect for petite women. Unfortunately I can’t buy all of them!!

Mio xx

P.S. Read here about how to wear the boiler suit trend! I’ve also put in the links to my favourite ones.











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