Tone On Tone

Tone On Tone

Hi ladies,

Today I’ve met a friend for dinner at #boxpark in Shoreditch. Have you ever been there? It’s a pop up mall made out of shipping containers. Apart from the restaurants and café’s the shops are regularly changing. Sometimes it is nice to hang around there to get some rest from the usual high street fashion stores. Like pretty much every place in East London it is quite arty and vibrant.

There are also different artists who are presenting their paintings or photography etc. They change every couple of weeks and I think it is great that they have the chance to show off their work.

I wore a tone in tone outfit and made some accents with my bag and my shoes. I like that it looks quite plain from the front and that you wouldn’t expect the slit in the back. I can’t wear this sweater too often like this, because if the weather is cool enough to wear long sleeves it is usually too cold to wear something with an open back. This day the weather was perfect. Anyways, on cooler days I’m usually wearing a white tank top underneath and this works fine too.


My zebra printed shoes are the newbie to my collections. They are so comfortable as the heel is not too high. Otherwise, it would be difficult to walk in them as they have an open heel.

We went to #cookdailylondon which has a good choice of different vegan meals. I can’t remember what my meal was called. I chose the option with prawns made from tofu. I loved the meal, but I didn’t like the prawns as much. The next time I will order it with just vegetables.

Kisses for all of you!!

Oh… and how do you like my bag? Don’t you love the colour scheme?!? The pity is though, it is quite a small bag and I don’t want to put too much stuff in it to not mess it up over time, but I’m wearing it whenever I only need to bring my essentials with me.



Sweater Pull & Bear

Jeans Mango 

Bag Sandro Paris

Zebra Mules Topshop

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