Hey guys,

After an amazing holiday in Croatia we are now back in London.

I was a bit worried that the weather may not be warm enough for a beach holiday as it was already the end of September, but it was just perfect. Although in the evening it was quite cool.

We went to Dubrovnik because we were invited to a wedding and thought we make a holiday out and stayed for two weeks!!

The ceremony took place at Park Orsula which is an absolutely gorgeous location for such an event. The view was breathtaking.

Have you ever been? I’ve been to Krk, Split and Hvar before. None of the destinations disappointed.

I was particularly excited to go to Dubrovnik as GOT was recorded there. I now understand why they chose this location. It’s simply stunning and we spent a couple of evenings at Buza Barto having drinks while watching the sunset. If you plan on going there, make sure you arrive at the bar about an hour before the sun goes down to make sure you get a table. However, you can also go there without having a drink to enjoy the atmosphere.

The Old City was the place where we usually met with our friends. There you can find lots of restaurants and it’s a vibrant and fun place to be. There is also a small sandy beach but it is usually quite crowded.

Our apartment was within walking distance from Lapad beach. Along the beach you can find different bars and some hotels allow non-guests to use their pool. Our favourites were the Coral Beach Club and the pool at the Neptun Hotel. The majority of the beaches are with stones or rocks. I think the only one that wasn’t was the one in Old City. This may sound uncomfortable, but once you’ve found the right spot to lay down it is really comfortable. Also, an advantage is that you don’t bring all the sand back with you like I usually do ;).

One day we hired a boat with friends. We also had a guide on board who showed us different islands and also an area where we could have a swim with no-one else around but us. But the most amazing experience probably was the swim in a grot. There was a huge rock with two holes where we could swim through. Inside the grot was about 7m by 7m big. The light from outside lit up the water and it appeared to be light blue and turquoise. The more sun shines in the lighter it is. If I wouldn’t have known better, I would have thought these are artificial lights. I’m so glad I swam inside. Usually I can be quite chicken when it comes to these things.

See you soon guys! And let me know if you have any tips for visiting Croatia because we definitely want to go back to see more.


Old City


Skirt (size 2) asos

Top (size 32)h&m

Shoes Golden Goose Deluxe 

Bag Sandro Paris

Dress (size 2) asos

Bag Hieleven

View from Buza Bar

Old City

Dress (size 2) asos

Top (size 4) h&m

Bag Zara

Copacabana Beach

Bikini Victoria’s Secret

Coral Beach Club

Hotel Neptun

Bikini Victoria’s Secret

Top (taille 2) Bohoo Petite

Bag Sandro Paris

Jeans (taille 24) Bershka

Shoes (size 2) asos

Park Orsula

Dress (taille 4) Primark

Bag Hieleven

Shoes (size 35) Top Shop


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Mimi October 17, 2017 - 12:23 pm

Lovely photos! I beg that you had an amazing holiday! Dubrovnik is really spectacular and I was lucky to spend a couple of hours there in this summer. Unfortunately we had to leave early but I definitely want to go back! The sad part of it that from Hungary it would be closer than from Bristol. But never mind! 😀

Have a lovely day,


Mio October 25, 2017 - 1:20 pm

Thank you Mimi!
It really was amazing. You should definitely spend more time there when you can. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Have a great rest of the week,


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