This Week’s Favourites – Embroidered Jumpers

This Week’s Favourites – Embroidered Jumpers

With autumn being in full swing, I’m looking for some new bits and pieces I can add to my wardrobe. Whilst I love the flowery and polka dot styles, I’m always careful to not just buy a new piece of clothing only because I like the way it looks but I want it to look good on me.

I’m currently in love with all the flowery and polka dot clothes I’m seeing in the stores. Depending on the fabric and the type of pattern this can really drown me and make me appear even smaller than I actually am. This is especially the case with sweaters. Searching the stores I have found these embroidered ones and that complement my body type.

The one that I’m wearing with my green skirt is from Only. I’m wearing it in the small size. The length of the arm is supposed to end at the beginning of my hand, however it comes down to the middle of my hand. But that’s fine as I actually prefer it this way.

The skirt is from asos petite. Its actually a midi skirt, which looks like a long skirt on me.

The one I’m wearing with the black mini skirt is from Molly Bracken. They are only selling this jumper in one size, which is usually way too big for me. The reason why it fits is because the arms were only supposed to come to the middle part of the lower arm and the jumper in general is supposed to be shorter. For me as you can see this means, the arm length comes almost down to the beginning of my hand and the sweater itself doesn’t look short but like a normal length sweater on me.

The skirt I’m wearing I’ve had for a couple of years. It’s a leather imitation one from Mango. It’s weird, while I’m usually able to find jeans at Mango that suit me, I never seem to be able find skirts or other trousers, not to speak about dresses. This skirt would have been fine length wise, but it’s too big on my hips. So what I did was to just role up the top bit one time. Et voila, it works as the jumper covers the top of the skirt.

Another option to wear the skirt would be, to tuck the shirt or sweater in, role up the top of the skirt and to put one of those fashionable waist belts around it.

I’ve put some embroidered sweater inspiration together for you at the end of this post.

Kisses to all my girls

Jumper (one size) Molly Bracken

Skirt (old) (size small) Mango

Shoes (size 3) Vans

Bag (old)  Mango

Jacket (size small) All Saints

Jumper (size small) Only

Skirt (size 4) asos petite

Sneakers (size 2) Golden Goose Deluxe Brand


1 Molly Bracken Jumper || 2 Even&Odd Sweatshirt Black ||3 Catwalk Junkie Romance Sweatshirt Black || 4 Asos Jumper with Large Sequince || 5 Miss Selfridge Embroidered Frill Detail Jumper || 6 Top Shop Embroidered Stripe Sweatshirt  ||7 Top Shop Star Cape Embellished Sweatshirt || 8 & Other Stories Rose Jacquard Sweater || 9 Bershka Sweater with Flowery Embroidery || 10 Banana Republic Embroidered Lace-Sleeve Sweatshirt || 11 Zara Embroidered Oversized Sweater with Cuff Detail – Grey ||12 Zara Embroidered Oversized Sweater with Cuff Detail || 13 Zara Floral Embroidered Sweater ||       14 Zara Soft Printed Sweater ||15 Miss Selfridges Rose Embroidered Sweatshirt || 16 French Connection Embroidered Jumper 





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Stella October 31, 2017 - 9:56 am

Such a beautiful post and look! Love your selection of sweaters and I can’t wait to wear as many as possible this season! The black one you are wearing is so beautiful!
PS: Love your blog!

Mio March 19, 2018 - 12:05 pm

Thank you so much Stella! Your comment means a lot to me xx


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