FED By Water – An Authentic Vegan Italian Restaurant

FED By Water – An Authentic Vegan Italian Restaurant

Remember when we had our six week vegan challenge last summer? Ever wondered how we’ve got on since then?

Even though it was quite easy to stick to our vegan diet during that time, it became a bit difficult for us to stay 100%. However, I would say our diet is 90% vegan. It’s easiest when we are at home cooking our own meals. It’s fun to look for new recipes and preparing them. That being said, we are of course also always on the hunt for great vegan restaurants to eat out.

This morning we searched online for vegan restaurants and one particularly caught our attention as we’ve already heard a lot about it. The place is called FED by water. It is an authentic Italien restaurant in Dalston.



Booking a table was easy through their homepage and we realised later we were really lucky to actually get a table on that short notice, as the place eventually got very busy and many guests had to be sent away if they didn’t make reservations.

The restaurant is vibrant and has that Italian feeling to it, which was also because of being served by the authentic and friendly Italian manager.

Deciding what to order was not easy as the menu is long and it is actually all vegan meals.

We went for the mixed Olive Bowl and Garlic Bread Formaggioso (home-made pizza bread baked with Italian garlic extra virgin olive oil with cashew “mozzarellina” cheese) for our starters.



I went for Tagiatelle Di Terra (Durum wheat tagliatelle pasta cooked with porcini mushroom sauce topped with shiitake mushrooms and a touch of Italian truffle extra virgin olive oil) and Insalatona Di Stagione.



Pete went for the Pizza Diavola (Tomato sauce, homemade cashew “mozzarellina” cheese, spicy seitan “salamino”, seitan & pistachios “culatella”, beans & pistachios “salsicciotto”, marinated tofu, leccino olives, Italian extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes).



All the dishes were rich in taste and apart from a couple of leaves from the salad we didn’t leave one bit on our plates.

Alongside the delicious food, this restaurant is equipped with innovative active carbon filtration technologies to purify  their water from nasties like bacteria, limescale chlorine etc which is used for cooking and offered complimentary.

So if you guys want to enjoy authentic vegan Italian food,  I highly recommend for you to try this one.  I myself can’t wait to visit again and to try more of their amazing dishes.

Kisses xxx


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Martina March 3, 2018 - 10:58 pm

Obwohl ich weder Vegetarier oder Veganer bin, liebe ich die Veganergerichte sehr. In dieses Restaurant würde ich dich bestimmt mal gerne begleiten…:-) xoxo Martina


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