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How To Find Your Own Unique Style

You are scrolling through your instagram thinking, wow she looks amazing. Her style is always on point and where does she buy all these amazing clothes from?  Then you think, well it all looks amazing on her but it would never look that amazing on myself. Often when you put on your clothes you feel like that there is something missing and that your clothes look boring.

Since I’ve started my fashion blog I’ve been asked many times how I’ve found my style. This is very flattering for me and I’m taking it as a huge compliment. However, this hasn’t always been the case so I know where you are coming from and how difficult it can be to find your own style. Looking back these are the things that I believe made my style the way it is today.



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Find out what skin type you are

There are four different types. You want to make sure which one you are as it determines what colours will make you look amazing and there are others that can even make you look ill. I’m a winter type. So cooler toned clothes are great for me. As much as I love beige tones I don’t look my best in them.

Know your body type

This is not because you should be avoiding certain type of clothes, but makes it a lot easier to find your own style.

Keep your eyes open and look for inspiration

Look out for celebrities or bloggers you like. Can you see similarities in the way they dress? What is it that keeps you being drawn to them? Next time you are going shopping keep those items in your mind and look intentionally for similar items in colours that look good on you. I’m not saying you should copy the whole look, but this is a good starting point. Another great way to find inspiration is to look for similar looks online. How can you style this one item in different ways? Pinterest is an amazing platform for this. You can find tons of great inspiration.

Pay attention to details

Often it is not just the outfit but little things that make a look unique. Eg. pay attention to accessories and how someone wears them. Does she wear clothes in her size or does she go for an oversized looked and so on. Does she go for a more clean or more playful look?

Be bold until you are confident

Wearing a different style to what we usually wear can be daunting. Especially when you are shy and introvert like I was and still am to a certain extend. I used to be too shy to wear anything but jeans with super wide sweaters or plain t-shirts. This was because I couldn’t bear having someone commenting on my style as I just wanted to blend in. However, if you want to find your own style there is no way around it but to try on different styles and to see how you feel in them when you leave the house.


Keep your eyes open for new inspiration and experiment with new styles that you see. This gets easier and a lot more fun over time as you grow more confident with your style.

Mio xx

petite style  petite style


petite styling




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