There are almost 8 billion people in this world. More than 50% are men. Which means there are about 4 billion men out there.

When I’m talking about Mr Right I don’t mean that there is only one man in this world for you, you could have a fulfilling relationship with.

While there are more Mr Worngs than Mr Rights there are many men out there for you right now.

If you are thinking that there is only one man for you in this world then you are setting yourself up for failure – and him too.

Why? Because you are putting yourself under way too much pressure. Finding a partner isn’t fun anymore. It becomes a burden. And not only are you putting yourself under a lot of pressure but also the guys.

On a side note, did you know that in the year 2019 Social Media is the number one reason why relationships are failing?

The picture couples paint about their relationship online  brings up complete delusional ideas about what a partnership should look like. 

How many times did you think someone has the perfect relationship when scrolling through your Instagram feed? Don’t ever forget that what you see is only a tiny snippet out of someone’s life. And often not even that. Often it is staged and doesn’t have anything to do what actually happens in their relationship. So what you get to see is far from the reality what that relationship is actually like. 

So should you give up finding Mr Right?


Nowadays, relationships seem to have become that ‘perfect thing’ to have.

But a happy and fulfilling relationship isn’t just there all of a sudden. It needs to be build and worked on – every single day – with the right person.

Which is way it is so important for you to have your standards and your values.

HOWEVER, these can change over time. And I’m not talking about you throwing your values out of the window because you have fallen head over heels for a guy. No.

Although, sometimes we meet someone who may not tick all the boxes but they have such a great and genuine character that it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m talking about you reevaluating every now and then what is really important to you. Think about the things that are deal breakers and you could not imagine a relationship without having them.

But saying all this, please don’t forget to have fun. This is what dating should be about!

Having fun meeting new people. Having fun trying new things. Finding Mr Right is a journey that will also make you become clearer about what you are actually looking for in a guy.

Maybe the guy you went out with the last time is not the right one.  Maybe it’s a quirky weirdo. But try to look at it as another life experience you can talk with your friends about. Laugh it off. Don’t go to a date thinking that he is the one.  You don’t know the guy! It is just a date!

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