Hey girls,

We were quite blessed with a couple of warmer days lately here in London and we enjoyed having our dinner/lunch sitting outside in our local pub or on our balcony. Soon those days will be over and I have to put away my summer clothes, which always makes me a bit sad.

When it comes to transition times I always feel a bit lost and ask myself what I wore last autumn, as I don’t seem to have anything suitable in my closet. Am I the only one who feels like this?

Anyways, there is one trend I really love which transitions perfectly from summer to autumn. After the skinny trousers trend has dominated the last past decades the extra wide trousers seem to take over the market.

What I particularly like about wide legged trousers is, that they add a couple of centimeters to my height.

When I’m wearing something voluminous I always pair it with more fitted clothes. E.g. super wide trousers with a tight top.

I was lucky to find this gorgeous wide legged overall. Technically you can say, it’s wide leg trousers with a tight top. In these pictures I look so much taller than I actually am which is due to four key features combined: 1. Wide legged trousers 2.High waisted band, 3. (more or less) tight fitted top and 4. Vertical stripes. And of course this cute tiny car in the background gives me another boost. All this combined makes me appear like a giant and who doesn’t want to look a few inches taller right?

I wish you all a great week ladies and we will see each other soon – hopefully it will still be quite warm and we don’t have to wear warm winter clothes 😉





Overall asos

Shoes topshop

Bag zara 

Denim Jacket asos / smiliar here oasis







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Aisha September 24, 2017 - 7:27 pm

Great post!! Already thinking about my autumn/winter clothes and how to stay stylish but warm!! (Especially here in london haha)


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