How to date during coronavirus


How to date during coronavirus

We are in such surreal time no one could have ever expected. Being at home asked to not leave the house not only for our own safety but for the safety of everyone.

I understand that these are difficult times if you are single and at home alone. You don’t know how long this situation will continue and you are asking yourself whether if and how you can continue to date.

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I’m a strong believer that you shouldn’t waste your time with endless conversations online. The only aim for you to chat / text with guys online is for them to ask you out on a date. And I still believe that this is the best way for you to not waste time with men who actually never really intended to ask you out in the first place. So in an ideal situation this what I would advise you to do. 

However, in the situation we are in now has changed things and many of you have asked me how you can continue to date while you are in lockdown. In assume that there is not much point in suggesting for you to put dating on hold for now. Which is why I’ve thought about ways on how you can continue to date while you are in quarantine so you can filter out the worthy ones from the worthless. 

However, whether this is a good idea for you to do is up to you. You need to know for yourself whether you will be able to keep your emotional distance to guys or whether you will be falling in love head over heels without having met him in person. Your past dating history is a good indictor for you to make this decision.

The bar for guys to come on to women online is currently incredibly low. They only have to send you a text asking: How you are getting on with the current situation? Whether you, your family and friends are safe and healthy? That’s it.

Here are my 7 tips for you on how to date in this difficult time and to make  the most out of this situation, without falling for the wrong guys.

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #1: Stop to engage with the worthless ones straight away. 

Guys who you can filter out straight away are the ones who ask you out to meet in

(Clients tell me that they have been asked to meet in person by saying: we don’t need to kiss, we can do everything else kind of thing as the virus has not yet been found in semen or vaginal fluid. – Erm… maybe that’s the case, but… NO)

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #2: Continue to be a high value woman.

Being a high value woman still applies in this situation. You can read more about High Value Women Principles here.

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #3: Chat with at least with 3 guys as at the same time.

As women can easily fall in love by talking alone I suggest you talk AT LEAST with 3 guys at the same time. This way it is less likely that you will get overly attached to one of them. 

Even if there is a guy you really like, continue to talk and ‘date’ others.

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #4: Have video dates. 

Have a video date via skype or zoom. This is a great way for you to find out as to whether this guy is worth your time or if it’s better to move on straight away. I mean we all know how easy it is to take a great picture from ourselves from a certain angle. But does he actually look that way? Or he could have a really unattractive squeaky voice that puts you off. You don’t know until you have that video date.

If you had a video date and you are still interested in him the same rules apply as to how to behave after a first date in real life. Meaning, he should be the one initiating the next contact. You can find tips about 1st dates here and here.  

Try to have phone conversations as well as video dates, but not constantly.

If you are asking yourself whether you can be the one suggesting to have a video call the answer is YES. This is an easy and quick way to find out if the guy is actually interested in meeting you at some point in real life our if he is just on dating apps for an ego boost. Because if he doesn’t even want to talk on a video call, why would he make an effort to meet you in person? When you have the video call you are al

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #5: Don’t hang on your phone all the time.

Don’t always hang on your phone to fill up your whole day chatting with guys. Instead set yourself a time window and stick to it. This gives you something to look forward to and it will make you stick out amongst all the other women who are constantly available during that time.   

How to date during Coronavirus lockdown #6: Don’t send him nudes.

If you you like a guy and you start to have the feeling that you kind of no him, remind yourself that you actually don’t know him. No matter how much you like him and how well things are going, do not under any circumstance send him nudes or engage in online sex. First you don’t know him. Second, if you do, you are putting yourself at risk of being exposed. He can easily record these sessions and send them to his friends. Honestly don’t do it.

And last but not least tip lockdown #7: Do not give out your address.

Clients have said that they’ve been offered food delivery for online dates. This may seem nice and flattery but you don’t want to give your address to a stranger for obvious reasons. Safety always comes first.

There you go. These are my 7 tips for you on how to date during corona lockdown.

Keep in mind that an online date is not a real date. Only when you meet in person both of you will know whether you actually like each other.

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Stay at home, be safe, stay healthy.

Lots of strength, 

Mio xx

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