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How is it that some women are attracting  high quality men while others keep attracting the more passive less masculine ones? Is it pure luck? 

Thankfully,  it has nothing to do with luck.

Feminine energy is the secret to attract high quality and masculine men.  

When you understand the concept of feminine and masculine energy and learn to lean into your femininity you will see a drastic shift in how much effort a man will put into pursuing you and how persistent he can be.

Here is why:

Both, men and women have masculine and feminine energy within them. When the energies are balanced appropriately and run smoothly men and women are feeling emotionally and physically healthy. When they are out of balance it leads to illness and difficulties in relationships.

Women who are more in their masculine energy usually feel exhausted as they are trying to move things forward trying to force a specific outcome. For them relationships are a struggle and don’t flow as they should.

Ambitious and successful women are so used to forcing an outcome, not realizing that they are doing it. 

Their decisions are based on logic not on intuition. They have lost that connection to feel what they actually need and want from a man. Much rather they are focusing on what they think HE WANTS  to then try to be that person. 

Instead of FEELING whether he is right for them they are trying to FORCE a certain outcome by controlling him. This includes pleasing him and chasing him. This type of woman tries to control men to achieve a certain outcome and to make things happen.  

A high quality man will not engage with this type of woman for the long term. 


Because a high quality and masculine man wants to be with a high value and feminine woman. Trying to force an outcome, pushing, pursuing, constantly planning ahead, trying to change him is her leaning too much into her masculine energy which will push him into his feminine energy. If he is a masculine man, he will eventually leave for a woman where he can be the man he craves to be.

Even our biology mirrors feminine and masculine traits. Think about it. The egg receives the sperm. The sperm needs to beat the competition, has to overcome challenges and is focused to get to it’s one and only goal – the egg. The egg trusts, waits and receives with grace. Most importantly, it doesn’t chase the sperm.

There are times when you need to step more into your masculine energy, for instance at your work place. But even then you would get better along with men if you would lean more into your feminine side. When you want to have that deep connection with a man you need to learn to be feminine. Because thats what men love and need. 

Masculine and feminine energies are entirely complementary, come in harmony and balance between lovers.

Both, men and women carry feminine and masculine energy. To have truly deep emotional connection those energies need to be established and balanced. Especially during the early  dating phase. Later on, in a committed and long term relationship it is still crucial to keep that balance, but there is more room for the energies to flow. 

This does not mean that you have to be submissive and / or passive.  However, you need to learn to be patient, how to lean back and how to receive. 

So let’s have a look at what type of men you will be attracting when you are leaning back into your feminine energy:

  • High quality, masculine energy men, who take action and make plans to see you. They don’t need “your help” to ask you out.
  • Men who will make sure to show themselves at their absolute best behaviour, because they know that a feminine high value woman is rare and that if he doesn’t claim you another man will.
  • He will not leave you in any doubt that he wants you to be in his life and that he is capable of providing whatever you need to feel safe and appreciated.
  • He will respect your boundaries and standards around sex and will not push you to do anything you are not ready to do.
  • This type of man is eager to please you because he wants you to be happy and see you with a smile on your face.
  • Dating a man like this feels easy and effortless.

How does this sound to you? It is absolutely possible for you to have this kind of relationship!

Let’s have a look what happens when you are leaning forward into your masculine energy by mothering him, making him gifts and pursuing him etc. 

What type of men would you attract then? 

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Men who are leaning back (into their feminine energy).
  • Men who are expecting you to lead and to for you to give more than they are.
  • Those type of men are wining, complaining and nagging at you.
  • They don’t make any effort to make you smile, arrange dates and ask you to share the bill.
  • They can be unpredictable and flaky, often making empty promises and finding it difficult to commit. 
  • They expect you to plan the dates and to go half on half on the bills.

There can only be one Queen in the relationship. Is it you or him?

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