Ignite His Heart
Course - only £37

Learn the proven steps to connect with his heart through your feminine energy.

… from the very first encounter.

Discover the secret that makes him adore you, cherish you and open up to you in ways you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you a woman who wants to learn how to build an emotional connection with a man to co-create a lasting committed relationship? 

Do you feel exhausted from dating because men don’t take the initiative, you having to lead and pursue and you want to learn how to change things around?

Are you in a committed relationship with a good man who initially pursued you and was completely smitten by you but now he seems to have lost interest and you miss connecting with him?

Do you want him to passionately pursue you, having him count the minutes until he can see you again?

Do you feel anxious to communicate your needs and to set boundaries because you don’t want to appear needy, push him away and therefore loose him?

Do you feel exhausted from trying hard to make things work because in the end you always feel let down?

In this course I’ll teach you exactly how to communicate authentically from your feminine energy to ignite a man’s heart, make him eagerly anticipate when he can see you again and have him passionately pursue you.

Here Is What You'll Get...

Access to the Ignite His Heart Facebook Group.

Connect with like-minded women who are excited about learning how to communicate from their feminine energy to build a connection with a high-quality masculine energy man.

Discover the real reason why feminine communication is so powerful (It’s not what you think!)

Understanding this will empower you to lean into feminine communication and as a result draw him effortlessly to you.

Feminine energy vs masculine energy communication walk through

To truly communicate from your feminine energy you need to understand the difference. You’ll learn the qualities from both energies, what each of them focuses on and how they differentiate in communication. This way you can adapt and continue to have a strong attraction with him.

Feminine communication 101

Now it’s time to learn the ins and outs of feminine communication. You’ll learn step by step how to communicate from your authentic feminine energy to build a deep connection with him.

How to communicate in challenging situations and setting boundaries.

Relationships can be tricky. I’ll teach you my 6 steps to communicate your boundaries from your feminine energy and draw him closer to you at the same time.

Powerful Embodiment Tool

I’ll also teach you a powerful embodiment tool so you can practise. This tool will help you to find the right words so you feel confident with your communication.

4 fundamental things...

you need to understand about feminine communication so you don’t become a doormat, accidently step into your masculine energy and turn him off.

Feminine energy communication
The bridge to his heart

It’s the secret that…

…gets you from being just another woman he’s met to the woman he wants to be with.

…creates and nourishes the emotional connection with him to have a beautiful relationship.

…inspires him to pursue you without you having to play games.

and it takes expert guidance, an embodiment tool and proven steps to know how to authentically do it.

So many women struggle to attract and keep a good solid commitment minded man. To you it might seem that men are scared of commitment. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Masculine energy men are made for commitment.

However most men feel uninspired because there is something missing for them.

Your feminine energy.

There is lot of surface level and plane blank false information taught about how to communicate from your feminine energy. Which leads to appearing needy, clingy and ending in pushing him away.
The #1 thing that improves my clients love life is feminine energy communication.

Clients regularly experience men saying things like:

“I don’t know what it is but there is something special about you.”

“I feel like home when I’m with you.”

“How did I get so lucky to be with you?”

  It works like magic. Only it isn’t. It’s energy.
This is why I decided to create Ignite His Heart.

So you can attract and keep a great man and have a fulfilling relationship.

I’ll teach you the exact steps to speak from your unique feminine energy that is unique to create intense attraction and have the right man passionately pursue you.

But here is the catch.

It is my mission to support heart-cantered women to have the love and the relationship they desire. This course is ONLY for women who want to build a genuine emotional connection with a man NOT to manipulate men. We’ve had enough of this and our world needs shifting.

Are you with me? Amazing!

I’m going to make this easy for you. I’m going to help you start communicating from your feminine energy.

I’m going to teach you the foundational skills and secrets that set you apart from 99.9% of women and has masculine energy men become smitten with you. I’m doing it in simple and easy digestible steps. Because your time is precious.

All you need to do is be willing to do things differently and invest £37.

Hi I'm Mio,

I’m a certified and accredited Dating & Relationship Coach and Mentor fascinated by Feminine and Masculine energy dynamics in relationships, teaching you how to re-connect with your feminine energy to attract a high-quality  commitment minded masculine man to co-create the relationship you desire.

After experiencing my own relationship struggles, getting hurt and attracting men who I either had zero chemistry with or who were far from being ready for a committed relationship there was point where I contemplated about giving up on finding love.

Yet deep down I knew giving up wasn’t truly an option. And so I became consumed with finding out how attraction and relationships work.

Fast forward I’m in a beautiful relationship for 15 years with a great man who adores me, tells me that he loves me daily and that I make him the happiest man in the world.

Today, I understand that attracting love isn’t a matter of luck, maintaining a loving relationship isn’t rocket science, and men are surprisingly easy to understand. —Much easier than women, in my opinion.

And so, here I am, committed to empowering and educating you on how to attract a high-quality masculine energy man, enabling you to cultivate the relationship you desire and co-create the life you envision.

Mio x

What My Clients Say About Me...

This course is for you if you are woman who…

what you will get


6 lessons that will show you how to connect with a man’s heart through feminine communication.


Lifetime access to the recorded material.


Embodiment tool to practise and feel confident in your communication.


6 step boundary setting formula.

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This course was specifically created for women who understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention to actually apply the insights, steps and tool provided. I’m confident that the content in this course, if applied, will connect you to your feminine energy, make you feel confident in your communication and emotionally connect with masculine energy men.