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Girls, how are you getting on with your New Years resolutions this year? Are you still sticking to them or  have you already completely forgotten about them? By March (latest) my resolutions are usually a vague memory. This year I’m doing pretty well so far! Exercising more regularly is on top of my list and I’m actually sticking to it! We joined the gym near us and it is amazing! I have never seen a gym with so much character. It reminds me on an old style theatre or even a cathedral. There is a jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool and sauna. The whole area looks like an oriental spa and it’s huge.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures of the pool area due to privacy reason. Which is understandable, still a shame though!

Anyways, what I enjoy the most are joining the classes. I used to exercise on my own but having an instructor who motivates us is so much more fun. Currently I’m attending three to four times a week. Well, not sure how long I can keep up that pace but I’m confident that I will be attending regularly.

What really helped me sticking to my resolutions this year is writing them down every single day! It sounds so random, I know. I didn’t believe it myself for many years. But since all my mentors keep saying to write them down, I gave it a try and it really helps. Try it for yourself. What to you have to lose? Let me know whether it made a difference for you.

Well, I would say I’m getting closer to my Bali-body goals!! Three more weeks to go! In the mean time I’m still wrapping myself up in warm clothes. I’ve found another faux fur jacket that I love. Faux fur just always gives that extra bit to make an outfit look a stylish and chic. Even with a pair of white sneakers this outfit has a chic touch.

This one is from Lily Lulu fashion. I’m wearing size S and it fits me perfectly. So if you are on the hunt for a  faux fur jacket and you are petite, it’s perfect for you! I also love the colour as it goes with anything really.

I’ve found a few more faux fur jackets for you. Have a look, maybe there is the one you’ve been looking for!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday girls,

Mio xx





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