why you need to stop giving too much

Why you need to stop giving too much

Why you need to stop giving too much

When it comes to dating, many women think they have to show a man how loving, caring and understanding they are straight from the get go. They do everything they can to please him, don’t have their own opinion and let him get away with any disrespectful behaviour towards them.

You may think that if you show him how much you have to give then he will realise how perfect you are for him. Your hope is that this way you are able to convince him that you are the perfect partner for him for a long term relationship.

But how can you be giving too much be a problem? You are probably thinking.

The problem I’ve found is that you are assuming men think the same way as us women do. That he will love you for who you are if you show him how much love you have to give. Unfortunately, this is not the case! If you have read my blog post ‘Why men love to chase’ you know by now that men don’t think like us.

While you think the more you give the more he will appreciate you, the opposite is the case. If you show him too early that you are in love with him he thinks that your values are low. Not just for yourself but also for the type of man you chose to be with. Why is that? Because logically (and don’t forget that men are logical thinking beings) it is not possible to fall in love with someone within a few months.

Instead of sweeping him off his feet and him thinking, that you are the one, he will see you as a women who does everything for him without him having to put in any effort.

On top of that you are wasting your time as he is likely to get comfortable and enjoy spending time with you as long as you keep giving. In many cases these men hang around until a high value woman comes around who knows how to treat him so he commits to a long term relationship with her. You on the other hand, he will see as a needy women who desperately wants a relationship with any guy.  This behaviour is  a complete turn off for guys. A needy and desperate women is more or less categorised as emotionally unstable and will not be considered for long term relationships by men.

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why you need to stop giving to much



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