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The most common complains women make nowadays is that men are not putting in much effort in dating or relationships anymore. 

Men on the other side say that they are finding it amazing how easy it is for them to get a date. They are further saying that they are finding it very easy to find women online to have quick sex with.

And there are also men who have been dating online for some time now. They are enjoying the freedom of being able to have quick and easy sex with no strings attached. However, what they also say is, that they are more and more looking for a woman to be in a relationship with.

The difficulty for them is that they feel that there are no high quality woman worth giving up their freedom of dating many different women.

There you go. Men are looking for a high quality woman to be in  a relationship with. So if men and women are looking about high quality partners why does it not work then? What is going wrong?

We live in a society when instant gratification is the norm. Unfortunately, this is not different when it comes to online dating.

You see someone’s profile online and all it takes is a little swipe to let them know that you are interested. The effort a guy has to put in to ask you on a date is minimal.

Men don’t have to put in much effort nowadays to get in contact with you. He doesn’t need to walk up to you and talk with you. He doesn’t need to put in any effort to get your contact details. He can contact you any time via the dating platform.

Nowadays guys don’t have to overcome that challenge.  

By the time when you are going on that first date with him, all he had to do, was dropping you a few messages.

All he had to do was drop you messages he has probably send a ton of other women before.

Now I don’t want you to feel offended by this. It is actually a clever strategy. It worked with other women. He would be stupid if he would use the same messages with you.

What it means though that on this first date you need to bare in mind that he needs to prove himself to you even more.

But women usually do instead is, they are lowering their standards as they have already been in contact with him online before.

What they need to do instead though is to lower their tolerance level instead!

The challenge he didn’t have to take in the bar or club or wherever. When he didn’t have to approach you in person. This has to be taken into consideration during your date!

You need to be a challenge! Only this way he will show you his best behaviour. If you are making it too easy for him there is no need to show you his best side.

Male brains are specifically wired in a way that they appreciate and value you more the more effort they have to put in you.

One of the biggest mistakes women do when they have fallen for a guy is to make it too easy for him. By making it easy for him you are essentially not giving him the chance to prove himself to you. Essentially you are not letting him prove to you that he is prince, not a frog. 

What do you think makes him feel better about himself? Being a prince or a frog?

If he has to put in an effort to get your attention. If he has to be original on what kind dates he is taking you out. When he has to put in an effort even when he is a relationship with you he will feel good about himself.

He will feel like he has deserved the attention and satisfaction from someone who doesn’t give it away to any guy but to him. He knows that you are not easy to get so you are more valuable to him. Which makes him feel like a man! And that feeling of being a man he will associate with you!

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