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V-Neck Sweater

V-neck sweater are a life safer if you are petite. As much as I love the oversized trend, because I’m petite, I have to be very considerate which items to choose and how to wear them. I came across those two v-neck jumpers and fell in love with them instantly. Although both of them have a loose fit, which usually is way too big for me, I thought to give it a try and see whether they suit me. There was one thing which both sweaters had which made me think they may work even with my body size – the deep v-neckline. V-neckline jumpers, or tops with a plunging v-neckline make you appear taller as it gives the impression of a leaner torso.


Petite styling


When the sweaters arrived I was thrilled by the quality of both of them. Especially the beige one with the red stripes I didn’t want to take off as it is so comfortable. On the grey one I love the sporty stripes on the sleeves.

I combined the grey one with black cigarette trousers and with one of my favourite pumps. Usually wearing similar colours from head to toe is also flattering for smaller women and it works well with this outfit.  I tucked the sweater in my trousers as this shows more of my body structure. This also makes they whole length of my legs visible rather than making them appear shorter as they are.


Petite styling tips


The beige v-neck sweater I decided to wear with my cuffed jeans and a pair of block heeled pumps. Showing more of my ankles goes well with this oversized sweater as this is always a great way to make your legs appear longer. This counts for both, heels and flats and is the main reason why I usually don’t wear any socks even in colder weather lol.


V neck sweater


v neck sweater


Below I’ve put together four of my favourite V-Neck Sweaters from Sandro Paris.



petite styling


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