Where is Mr Right?

Did you ever ask yourself why interesting men always appear when you least expect it?

Most of the time we are meeting our future partner when we aren’t looking for him.

For months or even years you’ve been looking for Mr Right, but he just isn’t showing up. Instead you are meeting all different types of weirdos, players or the ones you you are just not attracted to.

One day you say to yourself, ah, I’ll stop looking for someone. Instead, I’ll start to focus more on myself.

You’ve probably experienced this. Then, one night you are going out with your fiends. You are having fun with no intentions of meeting a guy. You are just in great spirit, enjoying yourself. You are not thinking about your problems and the for how long you’ve been single.

And then it happens. A cute guy appears out of nowhere and starts talking to you.

What a coincidence, right? A guy you are actually interested in approaches you, even though you’ve given up on finding a man.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with coincidence!?

A lot of people are unhappy with themselves. They don’t feel complete without a partner by their side.

They believe that with a partner their life would be fulfilled and fun. That having a partner is the only way to live a happy life.

Of course this is not completely wrong. If we are in love, life feels great and different.

But the important point that so many women get wrong is:
If you don’t feel comfortable on your own, eventually you won’t feel comfortable in a relationship.

So many women are just taking any man because they simply can’t be on their own. This leads them to be with the wrong guy in an unhappy relationship.

The problem is, that when you are unhappy with yourself you are attracting guys who are not happy with themselves either. The ones who are carrying around a lot of problems themselves.

In addition, being with a man who doesn’t treat you well leaves you in a viscous circle.

Why would it be a viscous circle? Because if you have one negative experience, one after the other, by engaging in relationships with the wrong men your confidence in yourself gets less and less. Your opinion about yourself gets worse as you will start to feel that you are not good enough. And last, your opinion about men will become more and more negative. And how you think and how you feel about yourself and men will impact the way you are interacting with them.

Your own mind set is crucial to find your Mr Right.

When you are comfortable and happy with yourself. When you are really enjoying doing all the things you love. When you value yourself and when you treat yourself with the respect you want a man to treat you with, chances are high that your Mr Right will appear soon.

So if you haven’t found your Mr Right yet, stop desperately searching. Be open to find him but stop searching for him and concentrate on yourself and your life first.

All the character traits you want in your Mr Right, he is looking for those in you too! Work on yourself every single day to be the person you would fall in love with yourself.

If you have a love question you need help with drop me an email at elle_mio@outlook.com.

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Stay classy,

Mio xx

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