3 Courses in 1 Program
The Blueprint to go from single to attracting and keeping committed love.
All 3 Courses For Only £1,700
This program is for you to go from…
…attracing men who come on strong in the beginning raising all your hopes to have them crashed and the relationship fizzling out quickly.
…attracting player or men you are not interested in.
…men seeing you as their buddy and wanting to be casual with you while you plan dates, pursue men trying hard to move things forward.
… finding yourself loop thinking, feeling anxious, and acting crazy with men not recognising yourself.
…swallowing down your desires, feelings and needs out of fear to appear needy and men disappearing.
…hitting a ceiling in love and having a fulfilling relationship with a loving and committed man seemingly being out of your reach.
…inspiring a man to pursue you and evoke the feeling of “She is the one, I need to make her mine” in him? You ask yourself how to date with intention and in the most sufficient way to be in a fulfilling relationship fast so you can build a life and family with your man? This is exactly what you’ll learn in Simply Irresistible – Step by Step.
Come home to your authentic self.
A self-paced 5 week journey to heal your heart and become strong at your core and soft on the outside.

Understand your patterns, how they’ve kept you from your desires and change them into new patterns that serve you.

From feeling anxious and not good enough, sabotaging love to feeling confident and loving yourself.

From feeling disconnected from your heart to embodying your feminine energy.

From over functioning in your unhealthy masculine energy to cultivating a healthy relationship with your inner masculine.From feeling anxious and being reactive to being in charge of your emotions.

What’s inside Inward?

5 in depth modules to learn on how to heal your heart and come home to yourself by embodying your feminine energy and cultivating your healthy inner masculine energy.

Powerful embodiment practises, tools and meditations.

Life time access so you can re-watch whenever you need.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi
The blueprint to date in the most effective way to attract healthy committed love fast.
From working hard trying make thing happen to becoming radiant and magnetising high-quality masculine men to you.

From not knowing where to find great men in real life (not on apps) to meeting men.

From feeling powerless, obsessing and pining after a man to feeling, confident, empowered and trusting the process.

From over functioning in your masculine energy and attracting feminine energy men to minimal effort, enjoying the process being treated like a goddess.

From being unsure as to whether a man is a great fit for you, to knowing on a gut level whether he is the right one for you.

From not knowing what men want to understanding them on a deep level.

From relationships fizzling out quickly to a man falling for you and claiming you.

From feeling turned on by “bad boys” to being turned off by them and attracted to men who adore you and want to give you what you desire.

From feeling anxious and your heart being closed to being strong at your core to being soft  on the outside.

What’s inside Irresistible?

Irresistible is a hybrid course.

STEP BY STEP TRAINING 5 pre-recorded modules packed with trainings teaching you how to go from single to being in a committed relationship or engagement if you want to get married.


For fast results you’ll get practical steps, scripts, worksheets, exercises, checklists, mediations and tools you can use over and over again.


You’re not alone!

Especially when you’re dating connecting with and getting feedback from women who understand you and who are on the same journey with you is worth gold.


1 Workshop for feminine communication + live Q&A

1 Workshop for feminine boundaries + live Q&A

1 Wrapping up workshop for all your remaining questions.

I will put up a poll in the facebook group and announce the dates after.


You’ll have life time access to this course so you can re-watch the modules whenever you need to. This includes access to the recordings of the live workshops.

1 x 50mins 1:1 implementation call with me.

Your journey will begin with Inward, the inner work course as the relationship with yourself builds the foundation for any relationship you have with someone else.

The doors will open on 29th November 2022.

This is the special founding member price for the Simply Irresistible Program.
Don’t miss out!  The doors to “Irresistible – The blueprint to date in the most effective way to attract committed love fast” will be closing on 3rd December and not re-open before March 2023.
Online dating from your feminine energy made simple
Attracting high quality masculine men online with ease

From online dating resentment to attracting high quality masculine men with easy

From having a generic online dating bio to having a bio that is authentic to you, magnetises high quality masculine men inspiring them to contact you.

From having endless conversations online, spending weeks messaging back and forth and not being asked out to learning how to communicate so a man can’t wait to meet you in person.

From wasting hours on dating apps, to using dating apps wisely with minimal effort and energy.

So, what’s inside Irresistible Online?

In this self paced course, you’ll get:

A step by step guide for your authentic bio written from your feminine energy so  your profile is an invitation for healthy masculine men.

Scripts that you can copy and paste or adapt making communicating with men from your feminine energy, simple.

Step by step manual to go from the first conversation to getting asked on dates.

Life time access to the program.


Scripts for answering awkward questions from your feminine energy.

Staying safe during dating.
All 3 Courses For Only £1,700
Hi, I’m Mio
Dating & Relationship Coach for women, teaching you how to attract and keep an empowered masculine man.
Here is the thing: Dating doesn’t have to be hard and having a fulfilling relationship doesn’t come down to luck. It’s a skill you can learn. When you know how to open your heart again, re-reconnect with your feminine energy, understand men and date with intention, you will save time, avoid pain and you will get to know and love yourself on a deep level. Which will enable you to have the deep connection you’re longing for with a man.