Hi Beautiful!

I’m Mio,

Experienced Dating & Relationship coach specialising in Feminine and Masculine Energy Dynamics teaching you how to attract and keep an amazing man and to create the relationship you desire because you finally truly get men.

I really dislike talking about myself so I’ll keep the me part short:

  • I have a Master Degree in Pedagogy with a background in Psychoanalytic, Attachment Theory.
  • I’ve studied relationship dynamics since 15+ years.
  • I’m also a certified Feminine Energy Dating Coach.

And while all of these are important and more than qualify me to teach you exactly how to become magnetising and irresistible to high-quality masculine men, my real whys are:

“Empowerment & Education”


Because if I had known what I know today 12 years ago when I was single, my life would have been so much easier. Which is why I’m sharing my experience and knowledge with you.

After experiencing my own relationship struggles – as in being a relationship hopper and attracting men who couldn’t give me what I wanted (on a side note, I didn’t really know what I want) – and also my friend’s getting hurt, attracting men who weren’t ready for a committed relationship or men they had zero chemistry with, I became obsessed with finding out how attraction and relationships work. 

In the beginning I’ve tried tactics from various coaches and also taught them my friends. And they worked. – To some level. Yet, we still ended up playing power games, being heart broken and feeling exhausted.

I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. It was at this point that I thought to myself: I’d rather be alone than dealing with this crap over and over again.

But deep down I knew, giving up wasn’t an option. I knew I wanted to be in an amazing relationship that’s easy and fun with the man who I love, who loves me for who I am and who is also my best friend.

You know what lights me up? When clients tell me, they’re now owning their desire to be in a loving relationship with a committed partner who they feel safe with and they won’t settle for any less. When they open up to receiving love and attention from men and communicate their desire even if it feels scary because committing to their dream relationship is what’s most important to them.

Today, I know attracting love doesn’t come down to luck, being in a loving relationship is not rocket science and men are surprisingly easy to read. – A lot easier than women if you ask me.

So here I am, empowering and teaching you how to attract and keep a high-quality masculine man so you can have the relationship you desire and create the life you want.

Because I teach you how to become naturally irresistible without playing games.

Let me show you how, Mio x